Attendance Absences

To ensure the maximum benefit from the classroom experience and instructional participation,
it is important that your child attend school every day.

  • When your child must be absent from school, parents/guardians should call the school every day until the child returns to school.
  • Parents/guardians should provide the school with a written absent note explaining the reason for the absence
    when the child returns to school.
  • A doctor’s note must be brought to school after a prolonged absence of three or more days or after a contagious disease.
  • A student who misses school because of family vacations or who does not bring in a written note after an absence is considered as being illegally absent, as mandated by New York State Law. Illegal absences include “visiting,” “away,” “shopping,” “needed at home,”
    “caring for baby,” “work,” “no shoes,” “overslept,” etc.
  • Students who are illegally absent during a trimester exam or comprehensive exam will receive a 60% for that subject.
  • A child whose parents expect the child to be in school and who does not attend for other than lawful reasons is truant.
  • Legal absences are defined by New York State Law as an absence due to illness, death in the family, and court appearances.
  • Routine doctor and dental appointments should be scheduled after school hours whenever possible.
  • The student is responsible for making up assignments, tests and quizzes missed during an absence.
  • The school is required by New York State Law to report to the Child Protective Services all children who may have any
    questionable or unreasonable absences.
  •  A student who has excessive absences may be subject to Administrative suspension. 


  • Any student who enters the building after 8:15 A.M. will receive a late pass from the school secretary and will be marked late.
  • A student whose bus reports late is not considered late and will follow the directions of the school secretary.
  • Any student with an inexcusable lateness may be subject to disciplinary action.
  • The student who is excessively late either in terms of time of arrival or in frequency will be informed of their excessive lateness.
  • Excessive lateness may result in disciplinary action.

Early Dismissal

Parents are urged to leave their children in school for the entire duration of academic hours. Doctor or other appointments should be scheduled outside school hours and on school holidays whenever possible.

  • If a child needs to be dismissed early, parents/legal guardians should send the child in with a note for the Principal’s Office stating the time and reason for the early dismissal.
  • Parents need to sign the child out in the Main Office.
  • Only authorized people will be allowed to take a child from school.

Emergency School Closing

School cancellations/delays will be determined by the School Administration. Announcements of the closing of this school will be made between 6:00 A.M. and 8:00 A.M. on Cablevision Channel 12. Parents may also check our website for information: Parents who are registered in the REMIND system will also receive an email and/or text message notification.


The calendar indicates when students have a full day holiday or extended vacation days.
It also specifies the days when students will be dismissed from school early.

  • Students are not to be kept out of school for family vacations or family trips.
  • Students are required to learn whatever was taught and assigned during an unexcused absence. Teachers are not required to give assigned work for unexcused absences. The teacher will determine if the work assigned will be acceptable for credit.