ma22“A true Christian cannot live any life but the life of Our Savior Jesus. When we try to imitate Him the divine plan is carried out in our lives. The Blessed Virgin is our Model. She is a very exact copy of her Son Jesus. When we are devoted to Mary we will imitate Jesus.”
– Blessed Willam-Joseph Chaminade

“In the exercise of their duties, Marianist teachers consider themselves as ministers and cooperators of Jesus Christ, as servants and auxiliaries of Mary Immaculate; for them education consists in forming Jesus Christ in souls, in making Him known, loved, and served.”
– Society of Mary, Constitutions of 1891



Bro. Kenneth Hoagland, S.M. Principal
Mr. John Holian Headmaster
Mrs. Bridget Gunn Administrative Assistant
Bro. Timothy Driscoll, S.M. Chaplain
Mrs. Erin Citrano Director of Advancement
Mr. William Edzards Director of Athletics
Mr. Peter Mansfield Director of Building and Grounds
Mrs. Lisa Haller Director of The Holy Family Center
Bro. James Conway, S.M. Director of Student Services
Mrs. Jean Niemczyk Office Secretary
Mrs. Lupita Lozano SMART Coordinator, Office Secretary
Mrs. Allison Hoover Pre-K
Mrs. Colleen Puccio Pre-K
Mrs. Mary Lou Claps Kindergarten
Miss Saralee Martelly Kindergarten
Miss Allison Pramberger First Grade
Mrs. Lisa Haller First Grade
Mrs. Theresa Hurst Second Grade
Miss Mary Jo Lilly Second Grade
Mrs. Kerrianne Owens Third Grade
Miss Keely McCutcheon Third Grade
Mrs. Diana Talamo Fourth Grade
Mr. R. Andrew Corbett Fourth Grade
Mr. Thomas Crimmins Fifth Grade
Mrs. Kasey Grasso Fifth Grade
Junior High Teachers
Bro. James Conway, S.M. Religion
Mrs. Christina Crocitto Literature
Mr. William Edzards Science
Mr. Brendan Hickey Religion, Social Studies
Mr. John Holian Social Studies
Mr. Keith Lucchesi Science, Social Studies
Mr. Timothy Morris Math
Miss Jacqueline Philips Language Arts
Special Area Teachers and Support Staff
Mr. William Edzards Physical Education
Miss Stephanie Staiano Physical Education
Mrs. Sue Bello Art
Mr. Christopher Bonacorsa Band, IT Supervisor
Mrs. Erin Citrano Band, General Music
Miss Leslieann Placid Chorus
Mrs. Lauren Spitaliere String Orchestra
Mrs. Jacquelyn Kenney Reading Specialist
Mrs. Carmel Denise Cameau Aide
Mrs. Megan Dillon Aide, Ancillary Teacher
Mrs. Jacqueline Dolan Aide
Miss Stephanie Lozano Aide
Miss Lorraine San Filippo Aide
Mr. Barry Hough Maintenance
Mr. Garth Brown Maintenance